“We save customers’ time and money with Xplir”

They translate into over 100 languages every year. And annual reports are a common assignment for Translator Scandinavia. The meeting with Xplir was an eye-opener. A very positive surprise, finally! says CEO Cecilia Enbäck.

Translator Scandinavia is one of the leading translation companies in the Nordic region. Founded more than 30 years ago in Stockholm, the firm has worked for clients ranging from global listed companies to government agencies.

Company reports – including annual reports – are one of the company’s most common assignments. The work often needs to be done quickly and it must not go wrong.

– We put a strong focus on quality and safety in everything we do. And we have a number of ISO certifications attesting to our quality work,” says Cecilia Enbäck.

Assignments often involve translating large volumes of text in a short time. The data comes in many different formats, with varying challenges in terms of numbers, formatting and image solutions.

With traditional methods – sending basic files and proofs in email loops and documents in different formats – projects are difficult to keep track of. Translators often have to spend time on formatting and cleaning up formats. That’s why Xplir’s cloud solution was a pleasant surprise for Translator Scandinavia.

– We get an export file with the text to be translated. We then work in our tools and then export the content back. Very simple and safe.

Xplir’s solution automates the management of different formats, designs and financial data. The latest version is always available to all users. Overall, it has reduced the number of technical problems and freed up translators’ time.

– The time saving is great compared to the traditional handling in InDesign, says Cecilia Enbäck.

– This allows us to spend more time on language, which is the most important part of our work. And our reduced administrative work also leads to lower costs for customers.

The accounting parts are managed separately and the number formats for the financial and sustainability data change automatically, depending on the language you are translating into and the rules for that language.

– The solution brings great benefits to us and our customers. Win-win, plain and simple!

Translator Scandinavia Logotype
The challenge

Translator Scandinavia encounters complexity from different formats, high quality requirements and security needs, making the process demanding with traditional methodologies that require a lot of time for format adjustments.

The solution

Xplir’s cloud solution automates format and design management, which streamlines the translation process and allows translators to focus on the language instead of technical issues.

The result

Xplir’s solution has improved the efficiency and quality of work, enabling faster deliveries and lower costs, strengthening the company’s position and customer satisfaction.

Qualitative translations since 1990

The company has a long tradition of offering quality and sustainable translation services. Today, they deliver 30 million translated words to hundreds of clients in various industries every year – with a focus on quality, efficiency and long-term relationships.

Translator Scandinavia is certified according to ISO 9001, 27001, 17100 and 18587.