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The smoothest proofing process ever

Thanks to Xplir’s secure management of users and permissions, more people can be involved in the project team and as final reviewers. Everyone has access to the project in a shared workspace with no installation or local download. The entire activity log is saved continuously, allowing comparisons and reviews to be made freely in time and space. This allows for smooth cooperation while facilitating the complex approval process.

  • Intuitive tracking: Xplir allows you to easily follow every change made to the document. You can see who made the change, when it was made and exactly what was changed.
  • Dynamic Comments: Add and review comments directly in the document. It facilitates collaboration and ensures that all team members can easily follow the discussion and make their contributions.
  • Secure permissions: Sensitive information must be handled correctly. Therefore, Xplir offers granular control of users’ permissions. You can decide who has access to specific parts of the document and what kind of changes they can make.

Frequently asked questions

Xplir offers a transparent process that increases quality and simplifies proofing. Everyone can follow every change made to the document and suggest changes without changing the original text. Only the owner approves the proposal and changes the original text.

Xplir saves every change made to the document, including information about who made it and when it was made. A view to compare versions over time makes it easy to follow the evolution of the document and ensures a smooth revision process.

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