Work safely in smart templates

From strategy to practical implementation. Xplir makes reporting easier and ensures your visual identity. The document emerges in the right design as it is created, so you can focus on the messages.

Live editing provides control and overview

Creating a communicative and visually appealing report does not have to be a time-consuming process. Xplir makes it easy to see the layout of the report in real time, saving valuable time and reducing the need for endless rounds of proofing.

You create the report directly in user-friendly page templates. The company’s visual identity is ensured with its own colors, fonts, mannerisms, photos, illustrations, etc.

  • You control the design yourself. Start from one of our smart templates. Then customize it the way you want it. You are in full control.
  • No special knowledge is needed to work in the document once the design is in place.
  • Live editing gives you control, you see the result in the right form while editing.
  • You can easily insert images and graphs where you want them.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Xplir offers well-designed templates that you can build on. They are customized and complemented with their own design elements, colors, fonts, images illustrations, etc.

No, once the design is in place, no specialized knowledge is needed to work in the document.

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