We are proud to help our customers streamline and simplify the production of their financial reports. Here you can read how our innovative solutions save time, reduce costs, and improve the quality of customers’ annual reports and reports.

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Devyser Diagnostics

The biotech company Devyser is a pioneer in diagnostics for advanced DNA testing. The company turned to Xplir to streamline its annual reporting process and at the same time improve internal workflows. The working method in Xplir proved to be so smooth that the company soon switched to Xplir’s solution for interim reports as well. Devyser has produced all its financial reports in Xplir since the annual accounts announcement in 2021.

Thanks to Xplir Reporting Pilot, our annual report process has been significantly shortened and the smooth handling of information, layout and images, as well as a superb solution for translation, have made a big difference in the internal workload. We have also been able to involve more departments and skills continuously during the process and have thus ended up with a better report in the end. In addition, Xplir has allowed us to significantly reduce our dependence on external consultants and almost halve our cost of producing the annual report. Xplir has an exceptional customer service, which has been a strong support throughout the report process.

Sabina Berlin, CFO, Devyser Diagnostics
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Translator Scandinavia

Translator Scandinavia works with translations, including company reports. This means translating large volumes of text within tight deadlines. The data comes in many different formats, with varying challenges in terms of numbers, formatting and image solutions.
Xplir’s solution automates the handling of different formats, design and financial data, which has reduced technical issues and freed up translators’ time.

“When we were introduced to the Xplir solution for annual and interim reports: what a positive surprise! We get an export file with the text to be translated. We then work in our tools and then export the content back. The accounting parts are managed separately and the number format changes automatically, depending on the language you are translating into and the rules for that language.
This solution brings great benefits to us and our customers. It’s a win-win situation!”

Cecilia Enbäck, VD Translator Scandinavia

Vidhance (earlier Imint Image Intelligence) develops advanced software solutions for video stabilization and optimization. With Xplir, the work on the annual report became much smoother and the report was completed a week earlier than expected.

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The medical technology company IRRAS develops and commercializes products for neurointensive care. Xplir helped them produce their annual report in ESEF format, and the tagging was smoothly carried out by a tagging partner.

To the annual report (ESEF)

Settcom is an advisor that helps its clients with communication and investor relations, from strategy to implementation. Settcom is a partner to Xplir and has helped several joint clients produce reports with the support of Xplir’s process support.

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Willhelmsson Design is a partner to Xplir in graphic design and helps us and our customers to design page templates. The company has over 30 years of experience in designing annual reports and financial reports, an area with particularly high demands on graphic identity, clarity, and recognition.

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