Platform for smooth reporting

Xplir is a digital process support for creating complex reports. Transparency, integrated tagging, and secure management of financial and sustainability data make it easy to work.

Reducing the workload

Digital way of working that gives control

Xplir is specifically designed for communicative company reports. We give you control over large workgroups, complex approval processes, endless changes and long email loops.

All you need in one process support

Xplir is more than a reporting tool. Our collaboration platform helps you streamline work and minimize repetitive and manual tasks, increase information security and ensure regulatory compliance.

Free up resources

More smart features

Free up resources and work securely on your company’s most important reports.

  • Scroll the report forward. Producing the next report in Xplir is even easier.
  • Accessibility and transparency. All users collaborate in real time on the platform.
  • Automatic page navigation. Internal links simplify the navigation and use of the report.
  • Integrated XBRL tagging. Xplir exports the report in the correct format without conversion.
  • Smooth design. User-friendly templates ensure the company’s visual identity.


Want to know more about how we can help you simplify your reporting?

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