Data you can rely on

Xplir links your data sources to the report. It reduces
risk of error and provides high data integrity throughout the reporting process. The same data is displayed in all languages.

Less risk and more control

Our linked database ensures that all data presented is accurate and up to date, whether it relates to financial, sustainability or other data points. This reduces the risk of errors and inconsistencies that can occur during manual data management.

  • Create tables. Load the source files into the database and create tables. Updates are synchronized to the document automatically.
  • One source one truth. All language versions use the same source and automated date and number formats follow the respective language.
  • Linking data in text. Link data points in the text. It ensures updated and synchronized figures.
  • Secure permissions. Control permissions and roles at a detailed level. Translators do not have access to the numbers as the number formats are handled fully automatically.
  • Scroll the report forward. Producing the next report in Xplir is even easier. Update with new source files to synchronize all linked data.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you’ll see a view showing before and after the update so you can make sure it’s right before choosing to save.

You are in control and can update the database 24/7. Figures and tables are automatically synchronized in the document and also get the right look and format. For security reasons, you cannot change data in the editor but only by updating the database.

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