Making translation more efficient

Xplir offers a smooth work process that
ensures quality and reduces processing time.

Optimized workflow

Xplir facilitates collaboration between you and your translation agency by overcoming problems such as time pressure, tight deadlines and lots of changes. It provides a smooth workflow and ensures the company’s language memory so that business terminology and tone is correct and consistent.

  • Process: Xplir integrates seamlessly with translators’ systems and your translation memory.
  • Data integrity: Always the same data points and tables in the languages and automatic date and number formats.
  • Efficiency: Automated design allows the translator to focus on the content without time-consuming format changes.
  • Ease of use: intuitive export and import of translation files

Frequently asked questions

Xplir uses the XLIFF electronic format which is a standard format for the translation industry.

The source files are exported from the document in Xplir at the click of a button. The translator reads them into their system, does the translation and creates a new file that also contains the target language. The file import into Xplir creates an additional document layer with the same design as the original.

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