Increase process control

Unique technical solutions automate time-consuming tasks and reduce the risk of errors.

One version

Change and comment on a common workspace in an integrated workflow, always in the current version.


ESEF tagging, validation and revision directly in the service. Roll the report forward and reuse the tags.

Linked financial data

Updating via a linked database ensures accurate financial data without correction chaos.

Cooperation across geographies and time zones

Log in to the shared workspace wherever you are, no installation required.

Secure management of inside information

User authorization per section and activity log with full traceability increase control.

Track changes and comments

Compare changes and languages freely in time and space with our smart filtering function.

Smart page templates

User-friendly templates with your graphic profile make it easy to see how the report is developing in real time.

Language support

Translation support with secure export and import of text, and views for comparison between languages.

Publish in the right format

XHTML, high and low resolution PDF and the regulatory XBRL package to the Financial Supervisory Authority.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most common questions we receive. Feel free to contact us for a demo.

Your account manager will help you get started and support you along the way. Your team members are trained according to their role in the project. We also help you customize and set up your first document template. We can also help with content creation.

You can also choose to work with one of Xplir’s partner agencies or your regular PR or accounting agency.

We train your staff who will use the system based on their respective roles in the project. We also have support staff available by email and phone and provide support materials. During reporting periods, we offer extended support.

It is similar to your previous working group for the annual report. You need the same expert roles and a project manager to drive the work forward. The process support will facilitate and free up time previously spent on coordination, follow-up, correction and change management. Thanks to permissions and activity logs, you can invite reviewers directly into the service and decide which parts they should have access to and when.

Similar to publishing on a website, our templates have ready-made formats. These are adapted to be displayed as pages in a document. We offer template libraries that can be easily adapted to your graphic profile. If you want to make major adjustments or create your own templates, we are happy to help. The templates are defined using CSS code, i.e. the same technology as on a website.

The templates are very flexible and can be fully adapted to the company’s own design and graphic identity. If you wish, the design can be done by your regular designer. Once the design is complete, a web agency translates it into CSS code, using the same technology as a website. Xplir is happy to help and we can also recommend suppliers among our partner agencies.

Xplir’s templates are designed to support users with no particular prior knowledge of design. There are large degrees of freedom when designing them for you, but once they are ready, they are relatively fixed. Any user with computer experience from, for example, Word or Google Docs, will do just fine.

Sure, their consultants included in the team are authorized in Xplir Reporting Pilot. When everyone works in the same workspace, you can support the process with a better overview and manage changes and comments more efficiently.

Sure, invite them to join the team to load financial data from Excel into the system’s database. Any changes are also managed in the database with automatic updating of the document.

Sure, use the feature that allows groups to access the document for a certain period of time. The activity log shows all changes made during the course of the audit. After approval, the report is locked for editing.

The European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) is a new reporting standard that introduces a single electronic reporting format in the EU, the UK, Norway and Switzerland. ESEF reporting is a regulatory requirement for listed companies’ annual and consolidated reports for financial years starting on or after January 1, 2020. ESEF enables machine-readable reports and facilitates comparisons.

The technical format for ESEF is XHTML (Extensible HyperText Markup Language). Companies must also label parts of the report according to a specific taxonomy.

Our system takes advantage of the fact that the ESEF format is a web format. This allows us to offer a fully integrated process with a reputable provider of financial reporting solutions in XBRL and iXBRL formats. Validation and printing is done directly from the system with no intermediate steps or conversion. The mapping is saved in our database and reused next year.

The issuer, i.e. the listed company, is responsible for sending the annual report to the supervisory authority, which in Sweden is the Financial Supervisory Authority. The files should be compressed in a folder and attached to a press release announcing the publication of the annual report.

Yes, as of April 2023 K4-companies may file in ESEF-format. The company is responsible for sending the report to the Swedish Companies Registration Office in the same way as before. The Swedish Companies Registration Office proposed in March 2021, that digital submission should become mandatory. The proposition is being prepared by the Ministry of Justice.

It is going very well. Our authorization model and activity log can increase the security of your insider information management. Contact us for a demo and discussion on how we can help you.

We offer three pricing models: Essential, Professional and Enterprise. Contact us to get a quote tailored to your needs.

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