Meet regulatory requirements

Create your annual and sustainability report in the right format from the start.
This ensures the requirement for the report to be machine-readable and avoids technically challenging conversion between file formats.

Safe process in the right format

ESEF, which stands for European Single Electronic Format, is a new EU requirement for reports to be machine-readable. Today, the ESEF format is mandatory for annual and sustainability reports of listed companies as well as unlisted large companies affected by the CSRD.

The EU introduced the ESEF to create comparable and accessible data so that investors can identify sustainability risks. The aim is to direct capital and investments to sustainable activities. It is thus an important policy tool to enable the EU Green Deal and the goal of becoming climate neutral by 2050.

  • Digital and neat. Thanks to Xplir, you can continue to create a communicative and well-designed report that both strengthens the brand and presents important data with explanations and in context. At the same time, you ensure structured data and that the report is truly machine-readable.
  • Integrated tagging: Xplir, together with our partner, offers an integrated tagging solution that saves time and minimizes the risk of errors.
  • Use last year’s tags: Xplir’s partners allow you to reuse the tags and can also import last year’s tags if you used another tagging service.

Frequently asked questions

The ESEF format is a web-based format where financial and sustainability data is tagged for machine reading. Since HTML is a format that is structured from the beginning, the format of the report is maintained even after XBRL tagging. This ensures that the report is readable by both machines and humans.

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