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Welcome to the reporting process of the future! Xplir makes work transparent and supports the whole team. We reduce the need for intermediaries and time-consuming manual steps such as proofreading versions and checking tables and figures in multiple languages. This reduces the risk of errors and provides an overview and control over the progress of the project. Just as collaboration should work.

  • Constant access: Log in from work, home office, or while traveling. Regardless of geography or time zone, Xplir gives you access to your projects wherever you are, with no installation or special system requirements.
  • Always up-to-date: With Xplir, you never have to worry about working in an old document. Our platform ensures that the entire team is working on the latest version, reducing the risk of errors and facilitating review and approval.
  • Integrated workflow: Experience the agility of a seamless workflow where all steps in the process from draft to final report are managed on one platform.

Frequently asked questions

With Xplir, everyone involved in the process is updated and synchronized, always working in the same version. The entire activity log is saved and changes can be followed freely in time and space.

Xplir uses secure login and authentication software used by exchanges and banks. Permissions and roles are controlled at a detailed level so you can ensure that the right users have the right access to the document.

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